About Me

Hi, I’m Jeanette and is the person behind Mindful with Jia. I live in a small town in Sweden, I work full time, married to my lovely husband and we have three kids together.

When I don’t work, being a mother and do house chores, I truly enjoy journaling, read books, practice yoga, blogging and do stuff that makes me happy. Like to be creative, so make pretty journal pages and plan my days with colors.

Mindful with Jia is my online spot where I’m able to inspire with mindful things in life. You only have one life and as I do have a full-time job, have a family and have so much stuff to do and think about all the time. A lot of my time I do help, take care and think about everyone else. That’s normal and mostly the days go by on autopilot and you just do and not think about it that much. I’ve gone through some stressful periods in life, which is normal and most people have these stressful times no matter what is going on in their life.

To practice mindfulness, relax, be more present and feel awareness, reflect and start to take care of your self. That is what I like to do and I want to share that with you and inspire people to do the same. Push the pause button, be in the moment, practice self-care and wellness.