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Journey to a mindful life

I thought the first post on the blog would be a good start to do a presentation of the beginning of my new journey to a mindful life.

Mindfulness is a very hyped word (that’s the feeling I have for it) and it’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a word that we all should be aware of and I noticed it pretty recently. But I wish I were more familiar with it before, but a funny thing is that I did start practice mindfulness last year without even think about it 🙂

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I had a terrible period last fall at work, I were so stressed out and I felt anxiety each time I had to go to work and I felt bad and didn’t sleep well. I started to look into something that could help me feel better, something that could help me relax and stop worrying when I was at home. I wanted to keep my work stuff at work and be more present and calm at home!

That was the time when I tried yoga for the first time. And the way that I felt after each yoga practice was priceless, to let go of my mind and just be in that moment really helped me a lot for coping the hard stuff. And at the same time, I felt better in the body as it really helped with the tense I had.

Another thing that I started with and really got the passion for was reading. I about 1,5 years ago I wanted to get back into reading books, cause I didn’t read anything besides on blogs and social media. I did like to read when I was younger, but when I started to get a family I stopped. I wanted to find the passion in reading again and I sure did, I started to buy my own books and read a lot and a small dream I have is to get a home library/craft room 🙂 So happy that I’ve been able to maintain it until this day and that I haven’t got bored with books and reading. It’s so much fun and it’s relaxing as well.

These two things I did incorporate into my life without knowing that they are mindful choices 🙂

Lately, as I noticed mindfulness and self-care I also have incorporated journaling and meditation into my life. I started to write diary when I was in my daughter’s age, like 9 or 10 years old. And I did that for a few years, but as an adult, I’ve never had a journal beside bullet journaling. But journaling is a huge thing and you may not believe it, but there are so many people who keep journals as adults and it really is meaningful. I couldn’t see that before, but recently when I decided to start journaling on my own I see why it’s important. Now, I look forward to each moment I get to journal 🙂

Meditation is very new to me, but I want to practice that as well as yoga and meditation goes like hand in hand somehow. They are not exactly the same, but the purpose is the same and I’m curious about it and want to give meditation a place in my life as well.

As you can understand, I’m far from a professional in this area 🙂 I just wish to share my journey to a mindful life and give inspiration and ideas to others who may need to incorporate some mindfulness in their life too.

What is mindfulness?

Being present in the moment by remaining aware of our thoughts, physical sensations, and our environmental surroundings.


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